Sunday, April 15

chEAT SHEET Shanghai: Jesse 天平路41号

I met Candice in Shanghai in 2006.  Her love for food, the need to be highly organized, and her humor instantly bonded us from the get-go.  Whenever I visit town, I ask her to update my eat sheet, and for some catch up time.
Jesse came highly regarded with the all-but-necessary 3-days-before-you-dine reservations.  It is a very tiny two-storey restaurant; the photos above captured all the tables they had.  Somehow, I was wishy-washy with my schedule and Candice managed to snag a reservation for dinner without any fuss.  Do not try your luck like Candice did though, for only Candice has the uncanny ability to persuade the man on the other line for a table for five on a Friday night.

I left the daunting task of ordering food to Candice, after all, this was her "find."  On her must-have list are:

Ban Mien (Noodles in Scallion and Oil)
Hong Shao Rou (Braised Pork in Sweet Soya Sauce)
I forget the Chinese name of the next dish, but in my simplistic English, it's Chili Prawns and Chicken...
And, the Shanghainese experience won't be authentic for a few order mishaps.  We were aiming to get the Crispy Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish but ended up with the tasty and succulent Mandarin Fish with Steamed Egg...
Yet another order mishap, we were gunning for Sweet Fried Crispy Freshwater Eel but ended up with Braised Eel, which also did not fail us...
Satiated?  Fret not.  Their tea will help you with the digestion...

41 Tianping Road by Huai Hai Road