Monday, December 31

Our Last Day, 2012

It's been a long time since I last posted mainly because work has kept me busy and the fact that it may be difficult to delineate what I can and cannot share.  Work entails creating recipes for supermarkets across the globe and often times, I find that what I make at home finds its way to my professional kitchen.  So I'd rather not take the risk.  

Today, on my third week of vacation, I find it easy to share something that does not take any form of intellectual property.  I'm going to share how we lazed about on our last day and cooked a very simple meal with less than 5 ingredients.
At home, next to good food (and wine for adults), we love flowers, books, and pretty little things.  On the upper left hand side of the photo above (or the lower right hand side below), is my daughter's rendition of a snowman.  
The only books I can never part with whenever I move to a different country are those that truly inspire me.  My daughter loves looking at the photographs in them from time to time.
Plants and flowers add a pop of life in our urban setting which my little one chooses with delight on a weekly basis.  A few days ago, she chose ferns and lilies.
Then there are things we put together... christmas balls that didn't quite make it to our tree, sunglasses that belonged to my mother when she was about my age or so, antiques from our house in Manila, and hand-sewn silk pillowcases we recently bought from a beach trip in the Southern shores of Thailand which she gladly chose.
Lunch is effortlessly put together by simply rubbing salt, pepper, and thyme into lamb chops and frying them in olive oil.  Once cooked medium rare, remove it from the pan and pour some red wine to deglaze the sediments, then add 2 tablespoons of mint jelly.  Allow for the sauce to reduce by eighty percent or until thick to cover the back of a spoon.  And serve with your steamed greens.
Cheers to a happy 2013!  And I hope to find time to keep this blog going...