Saturday, August 18

chEAT SHEET Chicago: Longman & Eagle

Gastropubs abound but there are hardly any that have the energy, miles away from anything despondent at that, in Chicago's Logan Square.  The window outside boldly screams what this place is all about...


...which pretty much put into words the state I was in at the time I ate there.  I was hungry, jet lagged, and felt like having a stiff drink to help me overcome the long haul flight I endured from Bangkok via Tokyo. 
I was amongst chefs, all of us, tasked to do a week-long research trip in Tennessee; and Chicago somehow fell into my lap as my "get-rid-of-your-jetlag-here" point.  This sort of perk definitely made my business trip worth remembering.  What with a michelin-starred restaurant that looked more like a hipster's joint with an overdose of coolness -- the food was definitely elegant.

Brunch is the name of the game and by no means should this stop you from having a drink or lots of it at night.  The bonus is that, there are several rooms above the pub because the owners probably decided they needed a few rooms up there that would serve as a hotel.  Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!
Everything on the brunch menu screamed EAT ME and choosing an array of definitive dishes was quite the battle, so we opted to order what seemed to be more than we could all handle.  Everything was just delightfully delicious, it came to no surprise that we finished it all.  In my perfect world, I can eat lunch twice -- just so I could try everything on the menu.
Their ingenious ability to bring the whole thing together from farm to fork is enough reason to hit town again and again.  And true to form, even the smallest of captions on their menu glared right back at me... 

Longman & Eagle
2657 N. Kedzie Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60647