Sunday, April 8

chEAT SHEET Shanghai: 1221 延安西路1221号 (近番禺路)

The first time I set foot in Shanghai was in 2004 and one of the best meals I had then was in 1221.  I was delighted by the experience, so much so that I've always made an effort to visit this restaurant whenever I'm in town.
Several trips through the course of 8 years (and hopefully more to come), their quality remains to be in place, and service in tiptop shape.
Always the perfect place for a quiet lunch or a prelude to a long night in the city; reservations may be necessary especially on weekends.

For starters, I highly recommend the following items:
Cucumber with Vinegar
Tofu with Century Egg

Try to eat here with other friends so that you get a good selection of dishes.  They say three's a crowd, but somehow, I wish we had more company so that we could have ordered other items like their Crispy Eel (one of my all-time favorites here).

Make room for the Crispy Duck (not Peking Duck)...
Spicy Beef with Bread (definitely not photogenic but tasty)...
and the Stewed Pork with Tofu Skin...
They also serve tea from elongated spouts...
and give complimentary dessert (Banana sticky rice).


1221 Yan'an Xi Lu (near Panyu Lu)

延安西路1221 (近番禺路)


Open: 11am-2pm, 5pm-11pm