Friday, March 2

chEAT SHEET: Wine I Love You

Admittedly, I've been eating around.  I just can't help it when Bangkok has so much to offer.  No drama, no strings attached, and the restaurants don't get all too clingy.  I particularly like Wine I Love You, because of the thrill of not knowing whether I'd get some action here or not, they apparently, do not take reservations.  And just because you're so hard-to-get, I like you more.  Twice I've been lucky (or perhaps thrice -- but who remembers when you've had too much) to get a table in big company.  The strategy we've devised is to actually drive to this place when we finish work early.
Depending on my mood, my wine of choice usually ends up with the bold flavors, earthy at times then, and then, the occasional fruity ones!  
The salads here are good but of all that I've had, I particularly like the spinach with foie gras and bacon.  Looking at the photo I had just posted, I wish I didn't fool around with the app on my phone.
You don't really need to commit to a particular order when in big company.  So we went haywire with random musings.  We pretty much had appetizers ranging from Thai sausages, satays, quesadillas, spinach and cheese, steaks...oh what joy when you can just try one or two bites, and depending on the degree of interest, pursue as your heart desires!
Anything goes really, when you can't decide.  Oftentimes though, I find myself looking for hearty flavors.  Their chili pasta with sausage did just that and few pieces of ribs (although to be honest, I'm still searching for the best ribs in town).  If you want local flavors, I suggest you hit the streets, this is not the place to eat Thai dishes, for real.
The truffle-infused ravioli sounded and looked interesting on the menu, but it didn't quite live up to the hype.  I suppose I had too much fun with the other dishes.  Perhaps I'll give you another chance next time, if you let me.  
Right next door is their dessert bistro, I Love You II.  Why, I love you too!  Because I can have my cake and eat it too.

Wine I Love You
I Love You II
Building E, Crystal Design Center
Ekamai-Ramintra Road (Ladprao)
Bangkok, Thailand