Thursday, March 1

chEAT SHEET: Pizzeria Limoncello

Admittedly, I've been remiss at posting; things have gone from busy to hectic at work. 

Today I'd like to start my chEAT SHEET posts; a good way of deflecting my lackadaisical ways.  I've lived in 5 countries (Thailand included) in a span of a decade and have always found good food in the most obscurest of places.  I always thought that my local friends would lead me back to our haunts until the day a good friend of mine named Benny, passed away last year -- it dawned on me that KL would never be the same without him, who was more or less, my food compass while in Malaysia.  After grieving his loss, I decided to look for my little black book of food and realized, I had not jotted a single entry into my KL list, confident in knowing that he would always be there.  Needless to say, if I find myself back in that city, I would still be able to find some (not all) of our beloved joints.

And so, here it is, my attempt in writing places I like to eat in, from easy to swanky, in an effort to make things simpler for friends who insist I share my eat sheets in places I frequent.  They always reason that I used to travel too much -- when I lived in KL, I was out of the country more than 250 days, visiting Asian countries thrice a week.  I've been to more or less 30 to date and intend to add more, hoping I could afford it.  But this time, I intend to bring The Young Tongue with me.

Pizzeria Limoncello.  The first time I ate here, I remember telling myself that they had the best pizzas in Bangkok.  My sentiments were validated by the several chefs I worked with back then -- a motley crew of nationalities ranging from: Swiss, Germans, Italians, Thais, Indonesians, Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysians, British, Americans, Mexicans, Dutch -- I guess you get my drift.  Fast forward to a few years later, a few days to be exact, I found myself eating in several Italian restaurants in search of the perfect place to take clients to.
Bangkok is not one to be bereft of good Italian restaurants.  I'm going out on a limb here in saying that in fact, it has the best line-up of Italian restaurants in the whole of Southeast Asia.  I remember falling in love with a handful a few years back so it was but natural for me to revisit each and every single one.  To my disappointment, some have closed, and some have gone from good to bad - consistency has always been the nemesis of anyone in the food business.  I also found myself in a few establishments with sky-high minimum orders to get a private room.  Touch√©.

Photos from our dinner:
You can never go wrong with an order of pizza in here.
Food meant for sharing...
A few of their pastas are also hand-made.  And desserts aplenty...
however, it was their Tiramisu I fancied the most.  And in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, their Limoncello was on the house.  Grazie!

Pizzeria Limoncello
17 Sukhumvit soi 11, Bangkok; Thailand
+66(2) 651.07.07