Wednesday, November 16

Parmesan Crisps with Coolibah Wild Roquette Greens

I'm finally finding some time to get to know my food stores here in Bangkok.  The first month was really all about The Young Tongue getting adjusted and quite frankly, it was an easy transition because it's such a child-friendly city.  Several days ago, I had to look for rare ingredients for work.  And you know when you're looking for something and you find something else?  Well, that was the case when I came across this Coolibah Wild Roquette Greens from Australia.

It had a distinct peppery taste and I thought that by making Parmesan crisps, it's salty flavor would offset it perfectly.  Add into the equation the sweetness of my tricolore grapes and the sweet-sour note of some Balsamic cream and what do you have?  A salad with both umami and kokumi!

Here's the low down on the crisps:
My secret weapon of choice for shaving some Parmegiano-Reggiano is a good cheese grater.  I've had this Alessi one for several years now and it still remains to be my favorite.  It's elongated shape and slim handle on the top makes for perfect swooping strokes with the cheese.  
Next, in a really hot pan with no olive oil, just place your shaved cheese and allow it to melt, ooze, and get golden in color.  Then flip it like so...
Remove from the pan and allow to cool.  This will firm up into crispy goodness.  Mmmm...