Friday, February 4

Spianata Romana and Cucumber Sandwich

The Young Tongue and I prepared our snacks together yesterday.  Colorful, hearty, and bite-sized, she was tasked to cut the bread using a cookie or pastry cutter, while I did the rest of the dirty work!

Spread some Dijon mustard on a bread (you can also use whole wheat) and poppy seed dressing on the other.  I personally don't like serving mayonnaise to my Young Tongue just yet (since Mayonnaise in the Philippines has to have more than 65% oil content -- yes, that's right!).  Then place some cut slices of Spianata Romana (or you can also use salami, ham, or even smoked salmon) and slices of cucumber.   

I enjoyed eating mine with a cup of Earl Grey tea (with milk and sugar, always!) while The Young Tongue paired hers with a warm cup of milk.