Saturday, February 5

Roasted Capsicums and Rosemary Dressing

Roast Capsicums with Rosemary Dressing (1 of 5 recipes for First Officer D's dinner)

Last-minute, but fun nonetheless, my friends and I decided to have a small get-together on the occasion of First Officer Diaz's promotion.  Sim had requested grilled food and I immediately agreed because barbies are effortless, provided that you have a very good spice rub, and a very hot grill full of charcoal.  In the next few days, I will share the recipes used for dinner.  But let me begin with the accompaniment we made for all the grilled items.  

Brush your capsicums (bell peppers) with oil (I only sliced the large ones and kept the small ones in tact).  Place on a very hot grill and cook until you see the skin turning slightly darker.  You can opt to remove the skin, but I like to keep it on for texture and flavor.

Next, chop some fresh rosemary leaves (from 4 stems) and combine this with extra virgin olive oil, salt, freshly ground black pepper, and balsamic vinegar (I personally like the ones that come from Modena, Italy because it's acidity level is just right for the sweetness of the capsicums).  If you find it too tarty, you can add some balsamic vinegar reduction to add sweetness, just don't use sugar.  To finish this off, put some chopped large yellow and red tomatoes in a salad bowl and add the roast capsicums. Pour the dressing and mix.  You can choose to serve this chilled or warm.

When making salad dressings, use this ratio: 1 part acid is to 3 parts oil.  If it's too acidic, you can use 4 parts oil.  So, if you use 1 tablespoon of vinegar, you should use 3 or 4 tablespoons of oil.