Monday, February 21

Prime Rib La Carlota

My cousin Alex and I spent the weekend to visit my good friends, Tricia and Ceej, and Wagyu's siblings, Victoria and Albert.  We had a lazy Sunday roast in La Carlota with other friends, old and new.
Alex and I only had an hour in their kitchen to prepare so we marinated the prime rib in Texas Jack No. 2.  We immediately char-grilled the thick piece of meat when we arrived in La Carlota (hence the name of the dish), medium rare.  We let it rest for a few minutes then sliced it and enjoyed the roast over champagne, wine, and beer, along with Dutch cheese and chips.
While we were busy sipping our afternoon poison of choice, our other friend kept busy by grilling crabs.  They were so sweet, Alex and I ate 4-5 pieces each!
It was also served with locally grown aubergines that were roasted then peeled, thrown into a bowl of Sinamak (local vinegar made of sugar cane, chillies, garlic, and ginger), and sliced shallots.  This was the perfect accompaniment for the sweet crabs and grilled leg of lamb.
Alex and I also prepared pasta.  We slowly-cooked sliced garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and green olives in extra virgin olive oil and tossed cooked linguine.  We seasoned with sea salt and black pepper (Tricia hand-carried some from Florence and they were so tasty!) and finished it off by adding basil leaves and cheese.

Some scenes from La Carlota...
 Albert enjoying some mud...
Victoria looking glum with the thought of leaving such a wonderful and restful place...