Tuesday, February 15

Caviar Pie

When I get nervous, I stress eat.  I don't eat hefty portions, but I eat flavorful dishes.  I made this a few hours ago, to keep my mind off of the fact that my mom is being admitted to the hospital for a major spine surgery right about now.  It also doesn't help that gmail has temporarily (I hope) disabled me from being able to send any email.

I decided to make something with an ingredient my daughter dearly loves ... caviar.  This might sound too strange, a 21-month-old toddler eating caviar while two-thirds of our population is going hungry!  But, give me a minute to defend myself.  The first time she came across it was a few months back, while we were entertaining.  I had no idea she had already placed a small teaspoonful in her mouth until I saw some remnants on her chin.  At first, I didn't know how to react -- be amused or get angry!  She seemed to have enjoyed it because she kept signaling for more.  I sat her down and let her know that they're very precious tiny morsels and that they should be eaten slowly, savoring every bite.  And oh, I used affordable caviar (the ones that you can buy in Santi's for under Php500.00).  Really good caviar, in my opinion, should be eaten on it's own with just a squeeze of lemon.

This recipe calls for eggs, so clear with your pediatrician first or opt not to put any.  
 I use a 10-inch mold on a 12-inch plate.  You can always use a smaller mold.
Hard boil 3 pieces of egg.  Remove the shells and chop finely.  Add half a white onion, chopped the same size as the egg.  And mix with about 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise.  You just want the mayonnaise to hold it together, so no need to be generous.  Once it's mixed, place on top of the plate and ensure that it's all leveled.
Blend a pack of cream cheese and about 1/4 cup sour cream in a blender or kitchenaid.  Place on top of the egg mixture.  If you want a richer and taller version, use 2 boxes of cream cheese and about half a cup of sour cream (half the container of a nestle sour cream or a third of a bulla container).  Cover with cling film and allow to set in the fridge, overnight.

Remove the mold and top with caviar.  Don't worry, a little goes a long way.  Just spread evenly and gently.  Serve with thin multi-grain crackers and lemon wedges.
 I'll be praying for your safety mama.