Thursday, January 27

Gruyere and Forest Ham Quiche

I was craving for something rich and savoury and decided to make a quiche.  Here's something you can prepare in less than five minutes and bake in the oven for twenty.
Beat 2 eggs.

Add about 200 - 250 ml cream or milk, or a combination of both.  Whisk.
Season with nutmeg, white pepper, and salt.
Get a pie crust.  Ready-made is fine, but I made some flaky pastry beforehand and you can see the recipe below.
Line the pie crust with sliced forest ham.  You can also use bacon, smoked salmon, or vegetables.
Pour your egg mixture.
Top with more forest ham.
Then top with Gruyere cheese (preferably cave-aged).
Bake for 20 minutes in a 160 degree Celcius oven.
Eh voila!  Gruyere and Forest Ham Quiche
Eggs are not recommended for babies up to 2 years.  But The Young Tongue has been cleared off of this allergen, so we're going to enjoy this for brunch today!