Thursday, January 27

Flaky Pastry

Here's how to make Flaky Pastry - a light, crisp, and buttery dough that is used as a base for tarts and pies.
 In a bowl with flour and salt, add unsalted butter.  
I like to use 1 part unsalted butter to 2 parts flour ratio.
Rub butter into the dry ingredients.
Continue rubbing until it's texture looks like breadcrumbs.
Add a bit of water.
Knead until you can form a dough.  Wrap in cling film and place in the refrigerator to rest.
In between 2 sheets of cling wrap, roll your dough until about 4 mm thick.
Remove the cling wrap and place on top of a tart pan.
Like so.
Slowly lift the pastry and guide it in such a way that it wraps the tart pan properly.
Roll your rolling pin on top of the tart mold.
And remove excess pastry.
Dock the pastry with a fork.  Blind-bake by putting pie weights (baking beans) on top of oven-friendly cling film for 15 minutes, 180 Degrees Celcius.  This will ensure that the pastry does not bubble.

This can be made ahead of time, kept frozen, and thawed right before you need it.