Sunday, January 30

Galbi Jim (Stewed Beef Ribs)

Savoury and sweet, I've always loved Galbi Jim as a child (thank you Mamaninang)!   This is perfect on a lazy cooking day when all you want to do is put everything in a pot and forget about it until service.  It literally takes a few minutes to put everything together and a few hours to allow it to stew nicely (I don't have a pressure cooker) - the irony of "the lack and virtue of" patience!
In a pot, place the following ingredients: soya sauce, rice wine or sake (optional for when your baby will eat this dish with you - my thoughts on cooking with alcohol can be found on my Teriyaki Sauce post), sesame oil, soft brown sugar, garlic, spring onions, freshly ground black pepper, and black Chinese mushroom that has been soaked in hot water for 20 minutes (I didn't have any so I used fresh Shiitake).
Add your beef ribs and pour water (or beef stock) until it covers the meat.  Bring to a boil then immediately place in a gentle simmer (cover with a lid so that the meat tenderizes quicker).  Check on your stew from time-to-time, removing all the unnecessary oil and scum.  Season to taste.
For long stews, I personally recommend using heavy-duty cookware.  I used a French oven (pot) because it guarantees no traces of it's materials melting and dissolving into the food.  Paranoid?  Yes!  But you can never be too sure when feeding a baby, right?
I like to sprinkle it with some chili pepper with black sesame seeds right before service to give it an extra dimension of flavor.  Enjoy!