Saturday, January 29


Bulgogi is one of the easiest Korean dishes I know to prepare and also happens to be one of The Young Tongue's favorite!  I may not have that dome-shaped grill (where you put the charcoal underneath) used to cook it with, but the lack of it did not stop me from preparing this for dinner last night.  I was inspired to cook this because I came across really sweet Nashi pears given to me by my suki fruit vendor.
You'll need a Nashi (Korean) pear, 2 stalks spring onions, 3 pieces Shiitake mushrooms, and an onion.  I also recommend adding some leeks, but I didn't have any in my fridge.  Boo!
 Grate the Nashi pear.
Combine all the ingredients mentioned above (except mushrooms) with soft brown sugar, corn syrup, soya sauce, garlic, rice wine (optional - my thoughts on cooking with alcohol for babies are found on my Teriyaki Sauce recipe), sesame oil, and thinly sliced sirloin or rib eye beef (you can ask your butcher to give you sukiyaki cut).  Marinate for at least 20 minutes.
Saute sliced onions in a hot skillet.  If you have leeks, this is the perfect time to include them.
Add sliced Shiitake mushrooms and allow to cook.  If you used black Chinese mushrooms, you can pour the soaking liquid to deglaze the pan.  Not only will it add more flavor into your vegetables, it will also help you remove burned bits off your pan.
 Remove from the skillet.
 In the same pan, cook the beef.
You will slowly see the onions, mushrooms, and pear getting caramelized along with the meat.
Once you've reached your desired doneness (I like mine really caramelized), remove from the heat.
Add the cooked vegetables and the green leafy part of the spring onions.  Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.

To complete this dish, you'll need some Gochujang, commonly known as fermented hot pepper paste. Don't let this definition deceive you.  It's spicy goodness!  Serve adults only unless your baby is as insatiable as The Young Tongue, who insisted a pea-sized portion just for her.  
 You'll also need some lettuce leaves.
Line your lettuce leaves on a plate, top with Gochujang, and add your cooked bulgogi.  Wrap and roll!