Monday, March 1

The Tongue

Meet the young tongue. She's my ten-month-old baby with a ravenous appetite, enough to keep me busy in the kitchen.

I noticed that her palette was quite advanced at an early age of 7 months. 2 weeks into solid food, she would give me cryptic reactions to dishes that I would introduce to her -- as suggested by her pediatrician. Challenged by my youngest customer, I slowly added ingredients into her normal everyday fare, that other mothers could not even imagine a baby loving ... miso, gruyere, pecorino, parma ham, couscous, ras el hanout, kofta, and yes, even litchi yogurt (as today's discovery!) to name a few.

Cyber-maladroit, this is my attempt to share recipes I've made for my first born. Recipes and photos to follow in the next few days.