Tuesday, July 3

chEAT SHEET Singapore: Hinoki

Chef Gary Ng is a genius.  Chef Gary Ng is unpretentious.  Chef Gary Ng will blow your mind and your senses in the few hours you allow him to at his restaurant.  Chef Gary Ng owns and runs the best kept secret Japanese restaurant Singapore has to offer.  Yet, Chef Gary Ng remains to be humble about his craft.
The seafood here is flown from Japan twice or thrice a week.  The flavor combinations will take you to another place you've never been.  I try not to speak with profanities, but this is absolutely f*$%-ing good.  Think chawan mushi with foie gras and more of that same foie gras with shrimp.  How can plates and plates of pretty little things that look so insanely simple have such complex and deep flavors?  Ah... there lies his genius.  Bite after bite, one wonders, how does he do it?!  
My secret posse of 3 chefs ate here for a good 3 hours and wish that we had the luxury of time to eat more.  Believe it or not, I ate everything you saw in this post.  

Get on a cab and head to Hinoki.  You will thank me for this as I continue to thank the chef that took me here.  Don't think twice about it and just do it.  Once you try his dishes, you would want to eat here every single day of your life.  As Chef Gary told me, GARY stands for "girls always remember you..."  

I'll never forget you Chef Gary!

22 Cross Street
China Square Central (South Bridge Court)
Singapore 048421
Reservations: 6536 7746