Sunday, April 1

chEAT SHEET Shanghai: 延安东路17号 (近四川南路) Lost Heaven (Yunnan Folk Cuisine)

Shanghai is one of my favorite cities in the world.  It's vibrant, hip, and the food is insane.  This post is dedicated to Lost Heaven, known for it's Yunnan menu (an amalgamation of several Chinese minorities and Han Chinese cuisine).
It boasts of 3 floors, each dedicated to a particular purpose - restaurant, bar, cocktail lounge.  Depending on what you're here for, it's best to have lunch so that you avoid the crowds, and swing by in the evenings for an early drink or two.  After all, Shanghai never sleeps.
There are 3 must-haves here: 
First up:  Da-Li Style Chicken with Chili and Green Onions
Must-have Second:  Steamed Bass with Dai Tribe Salt Black Bean 
Must-have Third:  Pumpkin Cake for dessert (no photo)

You can also add:
Yunnan Spring Rolls in Tofu Skin and if you have the need for a filler, add this:
Fried Rice Yunnan Ham

延安东路17 (近四川南路)
Lost Heaven (Yunnan) - Bund Branch 
17 Yan'an Dong Lu (near Sichuan Nan Lu)

高邮路38 (近复兴西路)
Lost Heaven (Yunnan) - French Concession Branch
38 Gaoyou Lu (near Fuxing Xi Lu)