Thursday, December 1

Peppadew Peppers with Goat Cheese

We're loving our food finds here in Bangkok!  The Young Tongue pointed out something by the deli and asked me to buy "the red one mama!"  Upon close inspection, I saw something that I've never tasted nor tried in my whole life.  What looked like cherry peppers was actually a Peppadew Pepper.  Peppadew who?

Originally from South Africa (these ones came from Australia), Peppadew Peppers are sweet and slightly hot.  I ended up buying the ones stuffed with goat's cheese (some come with olives) and it was quite a good combination.  It's actually quite tasty on its own or you can add into salads, pasta, pizza, and so on and so forth.

The Young Tongue had a bite and told me "It's spicy Mama.  But I like it because it's red!"  Everyday, we're trying to add a little heat into our food, slowly adapting to our new environment.  This Peppadew is slightly milder than Thai red chillies and I think we have the tolerance for it.  This will definitely be a staple in our kitchen.  Thanks for spotting this my Young Tongue!  And this will be our first entry for "currently feasting on..."

Currently loving... will be our label for anything we're loving!