Monday, December 5

Mighty Maple Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

It's always nice to be able to stay at home with The Young Tongue on a manic Monday!  Today, Thailand is celebrating the birthday of The King!   We actually both woke up late and we both struggled to decide on our breakfast.  As soon as we found ourselves in the kitchen, The Young Tongue opted for watermelon slices, lovingly sliced by her nanny, and I chose to have peanut butter and jelly.

I remember being impartial to peanut butter since I was a child, my twin Jo, on the other hand has always loved its creamy thick goodness.  Fast forward two decades, and on one of my visits to New York to see my twin, she brought me to this wonderful Peanut Butter shop.  It's been difficult to look back since being one of the latest converts of this wonderful breakfast spread.  Sometimes, The Young Tongue and I even have a spoonful each before going to sleep.  Our all-time favourite brand?  The All Natural Peanut Butter & Co.  It boasts of not having trans fats and cholesterol.  Want highlights of maple in your peanut butter?  You'll love the Mighty Maple flavor.  Mmmm!

I struggled choosing which jam to spread this morning -- actually, I always struggle (I hoard jams and marmalades).  It takes me a few good minutes to choose and oftentimes, I end up having two.  The ones you see in the photo all have a special place in my heart. I first came across Bonne Maman through my brother, Mikko, in San Francisco.  He speaks very fluent French and it was in my first visit to his place in Pacific Heights that I came across this wonderful French brand always associated with jams.  I actually like all their flavors, and today, I'm about to finish the entire bottle of Peach.  

Then there's St. Dalfour (still French) Thick Apricot 100% spreadable fruit.  It's really thick and they're quite generous with the fruit.  I usually end up choosing this when I want something heartier and sweeter.  It may be good to note that this is recommended by the French Diabetes Association.  I always wonder if I'll end up having diabetes (even though we don't have anyone in the family suffering it).  You can sort of get it if you have too much sugar, right?  So I try to cut down on bad sugar when I can, and here's how I do.

Last but not the least (I actually chose this today to go with my peanut butter), is Wilkin & Sons Ltd. Strawberry Fruit Spread.  It's actually sweetened with grape juice, no sugar added! How good is that?!  I've always tried to look for this in Asia since I long left the UK, and finally chanced upon it here in Bangkok.

Here's to Monday Holidays and sleep-ins.   Long Live the King!