Wednesday, December 14

Kalabasa Chips

I love this supermarket called Villa in Bangkok.  I can't help but visit this place at least once a week to get some hard-to-find ingredients.  The Young Tongue pointed at something by the snack corner and chose these Kalabasa Chips.  

Paper thin, sweet and savory, and oh did I mention it's speckled with sesame seeds -- it was inevitable to love these.  No wonder there are quite a variety of ready-to-eat vegetable and fruit chips in that particular section as most of them may have this all-too-familiar but I-didn't-know-that-could-work-out sort of uniqueness!  We're probably braving the Durian chips soon, albeit polarizing to a few.  

Try to introduce healthy snacks with your young tongue before they turn into junkies!
Here's a photo of The Young Tongue with a dubious look.  When she heard me eat it with gusto, that sort of curbed her fear for the healthy variety!  Ha ha!