Tuesday, December 20

Chicken Adobo

Santa arrived a wee bit early in Bangkok.  My Dad is in town and he brought with him, ingredients from The Philippines.  On my list were laurel leaves, soya sauce, and cane vinegar.  He also added sinigang mix (which I really love using), caldereta mix (something we're not really too fond of), tsokolate tablea, and instant pancit canton (something our nanny loves dearly)!  And oh, for The Young Tongue he brought Skyflakes as well as sweets from our household back home -- lychee jelly and chocolates!

Adobo is something each Filipino family has a recipe for, so I won't go into the details.  You simply marinate chicken (or pork or a combination of both) in cane vinegar, soya sauce (for an authentic taste, use soya sauce from the Philippines), tons of garlic, laurel leaves, and black peppercorn.  You can fry the chicken pieces first or just put everything into a pot along with the marinade and some water, bring to a boil, then simmer until tender.  I like to do the latter and finish everything off in the oven.  

It feels like home right about now...