Tuesday, November 22

Tortilla de Patata - Potato Omelette

My brother sent me a photo of our first trip to Europe together a few days ago.  The photograph was taken on a train from Lisbon to Barcelona in 1999 and I must admit, I looked quite youthful!  I suppose it was the idea of the world being my oyster as I had just finished college and the thought of eating our way through Las Ramblas on our first evening in Spain.  That trip lasted shy of 2 months and it was then that I realized I really had to study in Europe and no place else.  In fact, that very evening (after our food fest in Las Ramblas), I phoned my Dad and asked if I could return to Europe the very next year.  

It was also good to have traveled with a brother who knew so much about design (an architect) - he literally told me everything there was to know about the buildings and object d'arts we came across with.  Over sips of Sangria and tapas in Barcelona, we had agreed to fulfill our expectations for the weeks to come -- see museums, eat really good food, visit the not-so-touristy bits, and to buy only things that we can not buy back home.

The photo inspired me to make potato omelette.  It's quite simple really and you'll only need a few ingredients -- Eggs, potatoes, onions, and extra virgin olive oil.  I sometimes add a morsel of chorizo just to give the dish a slightly bolder taste.  It also makes the eggs look more yellow (I guess from the paprika).
So here's how:
In a hot pan with extra virgin olive oil, saute some chopped potatoes, onions, and for flavor, I add a tiny morsel of chorizo.  Once the potato is soft to the bite, add eggs.
Once the top part of the egg mixture is about to get firm, put a plate (larger than the pan) on top of the pan and flip.  Then toss it back into the pan, with the top part facing down.  Then after a minute or two, place the omelette on a plate.  Slice and serve.

Usually, as an appetizer, I use half a potato and an egg per person.  But as a dish or a hearty merienda, I use 1 whole potato and 2 pieces of egg.  And remember the tiny piece of chorizo?  I ended up making a game out of it.  I told The Young Tongue whoever gets the piece gets to have a wish.  Of course, I made her win.  Her wish?  A piece of chocolate.  Now that was easy!