Saturday, April 23

Lasagna Quattro Formaggio: Brie, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Old Amsterdam, and Blue d'Auvergne

Fancy that?  The usual lasagna made of slowly-cooked bolognese and bechamel sauce, layered over thin sheets of pasta and four kinds of cheese?  Having guests over for The Young Tongue's 2nd birthday not only allowed me to have quality time with family, it also enabled me to get rid of shall I say, uneaten portions of cheeses in the fridge?  Don't get me wrong, we love cheese at home.  But often times I worry about storing them properly.
Albeit controversial for home cooks, I'd like to insist the use of a proper dish to cook this in.    You can use one that's made of cast iron, clay, or glass.  Your fillings of several kinds of cheese, bolognese, and not to mention, the ever so delicate bechamel may get burned when using those disposable aluminum trays.  Buy a good dish that you can reuse and you won't regret it!