Wednesday, March 2

Muesli, Bacon, and Eggs

After our morning walk, The Young Tongue started pointing at rice krispies in our pantry.  I obliged by mixing it with apricot yogurt, sliced bananas, pure milk, and muesli.
I, on the other hand, had something that couldn't be considered as healthy like her share of breakfast this morning... Bacon and Eggs!
I didn't fry the bacon because it tends to be greasy.  What I do is line it in a cookie sheet without any oil, and put it in an oven (180 degrees C).  It usually takes less than 10 minutes for it to get crisp, and the best part?  It doesn't get curled!

I like the taste of a slightly burnt top with a runny center for the eggs.  I add about a tablespoon of milk per egg and cook it on a hot teflon pan.  Once the bottom part is cooked and the center runny, I flip and fold.  Last but not the least, I added sliced tomatoes and washed Tomyao leaves, for an Asian twist!