Friday, April 16

Happiness Wrapped in Steel

I think it apt to give credit to Miele and Bulthaup who have made The Young Tongue's dishes worth the cooking. Short of two weeks in our new home, I also have to thank my husband for this fabulous kitchen!

I've used so many ovens and stoves in the past decade, both for industrial and home use that I've had my fair share of The Good and The oh-so Bad. I used to work for an Industrial Company that made products for the biggest Fast Food Chains and have handled their branches in Asia-Africa-Middle East. So using multi-branded equipment in different countries (and continents) have kept me busy. I won't share those who have misbehaved but rather, I want to share my recent amusement.

Presenting ... (drum roll please) ... Miele and Bulthaup!
Forgive the mess, we've just moved...

I've always had this love-hate relationship with electric ovens until I met mine wrapped up in a stainless steel oven called Miele encased in a kitchen system made by no other than Bulthaup. I used to be averse with electric ovens because of several acquaintances with burnt spots, rather slow cooking, and uneven temperature. But this Miele oven has proven me wrong and I'm eating my very own words as I type.

I've baked several times and have done Sunday roasts and the flavors are so spot-on I've fallen in love with a heart of steel. It's temperature is also flawless. I've tried it with several settings and my oven thermometer is just as enthralled as I am.

As for the kitchen system -- Bulthaup has enthused me with it's ever-so-clean lines, push-button cabinets, compartments that glide and slide so quietly I feel like the brambly one. If it had a gender, it would be female with it's smooth movements (it's as if it dances a ballet as it opens! ). It's really so sleek I fear that the ones who can destroy this piece of eye candy is my new house cook.

Everyday I wake up wanting to cook and every single time before I go to sleep, I already think about what I will be cooking the next day. For these toys will be my favorites for a very long time. And I'd like to keep my friendship with them for as long as I live!

Now off I go to cook The Young Tongue's lunch...